How To Get Smaller Forehead

Many believe that a large forehead is a sign of a person’s intelligence, superior analytical power and openness. But they all just seem like nice ideas to comfort someone with a forehead that’s disproportionately large for your face. As women, we want proper symmetry of our faces. For those of us whose foreheads are a little more prominent than normal, there are several options to remedy that condition.
How to get a smaller forehead naturally

In the beginning, we have to say right away that a high forehead is not considered a big flaw or a flaw at all. This is certainly not a reason to feel bad or lack self-confidence in everyday life. Moreover, even many celebrities have a high forehead, such as Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others. But if we’re going to be realistic, we all have some doubts and misgivings about ourselves that negatively affect our self-confidence. You can read more here about self-confidence builders.

If we want to reduce our forehead naturally, we will have to pay the most attention to our hair, makeup and fashion accessories we wear. By using this properly, we can make drastic results and improve the symmetry of the face.

How to get a smaller forehead naturally:

1. Avoid middle part, always practice flipping your hair to the side

2. Instead of slicked back straight hair, wear hairstyles that emphasize the volume of your hair

3. Grow bangs and combine hairstyles with bangs

4. Apply a dark powder to the forehead and outer parts of the cheeks

5. Draw just above the top of your eyebrows

6. Wear big earrings, bandana, scarves, hats and caps

Tips for smaller forehead with our hair

If we want to reduce our forehead naturally, our hair will probably play a key role.

Flip your hair to the side

The first step would be to avoid the middle part and commit to always having your hair swept to one side. This is important because if you have a middle part, it is actually the longest part of your face and it is inevitable that your forehead will look even bigger than it is. y moving your hair to the side, you will get a lot of visual effects and you will immediately notice the difference on your forehead.


Another thing would certainly be the volume of the hair itself. If you have a big forehead, then trust me you don’t want slicked straight hair that will make your face look taller, instead force hairstyles where the volume of your hair comes to the fore and believe me it will become your best friend.

If you don’t have much time to deal with the volume of your hair, we have a great trick. After showering and washing your hair, divide your hair into two halves and twist them into buns. Spray hairspray on the buns and blow dry them. Let them cool down and detangle your hair.

After drying and styling your hair with a brush, feel free to blow dry it one more time. Tilt your head forward and down, and dry your hair from the back of your head for about 5 minutes. This way you will have an even more beautiful hairstyle and better volume.


The next tip would definitely be to grow bangs and to combine hairstyles with bangs, whether they are straight bangs or bangs that will go to the side. Classic, aside, French, “bang curtains”… There are many versions, and bangs are always the option that we would love to try, but our own and/or other people’s bad experiences from the past prevent us. We are afraid that we will get bored quickly, that we will become a slave to bangs and washing our hair, that we will not like it…

But if you are thinking about bangs yourself, one thing is good to keep in mind – why not – because hair grows and even if you are not satisfied, the problem will resolve itself over time.

In addition, bangs are an easy way to make a transformation that will not go unnoticed. If you’re looking for a visible change, bangs are a great option.


You can also do a good job with hairpins by tying the back part of your hair into a ponytail, moving the front part to the side and holding it in place with a hairpin. Bun hairstyles can look pompous and formal, or they can work well for everyday affairs.

If you don’t have a clip, you can also remove the hair from your face with hairpins. Usually, you will need a few of them to keep the hairstyle firmly on your head, and then you can play with them and create different patterns in your hair.

Hairpins will look effective even if you string them one after the other, and such a hairstyle is approved by Kim Kardashian.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut, or short hair, is always a good choice and will reduce the size of your forehead. Shorter hair is easier to maintain. Short hair allows you to be ready in 10 minutes or less. No more excuses for being late to meetings, because you’ll need half the time to get ready to go out.

The good thing about this hairstyle is that when you want to add a bit of extension, maybe for a specific situation. You’ll still have the benefits of short hair when it’s over.


A ponytail is definitely a good choice, and it is advisable to lift it as high as possible because the higher it is, the more volume will be given to the hair and automatically your forehead will be smaller. It doesn’t seem any easier to tie your hair in a ponytail, doesn’t it? But if you really want to be perfect, like J. Lo or Ariana Grande, then try this procedure, step by step, and you will see the difference!

For the perfect ponytail you should follow these three simple steps:

– Licks your hair completely, so that not a single strand falls out anywhere, and ties it in a ponytail with the tightest and thinnest elastic band possible. Tighten it as tightly as possible, and if there are visible irregularities somewhere, fix them with a comb or your fingers and fix them with varnish.

– Separate one strand from the outside of the tail and divide it into two parts. With one piece, wrap the place where the tail is clamped in one direction, and with the other in the opposite direction, so that the rubber band becomes completely invisible.

– Secure the strands with hairpins, never with another rubber band. Hairpins should be in the color of your hair so that they are as less conspicuous as possible, with rounded ends and of medium size. It always pulls them into the hair in vertical strokes, regardless of whether you apply them from below, above or from the side. Put them as much as necessary until you achieve a firm and stable effect.

Chaotic half-bun

For those days when you just don’t have the strength to choose a hairstyle for a high forehead that will cover all your flaws and days when you just don’t have the will to put in too much effort, this bun is ideal.

Apply some texturizing spray to dry hair, ideal if you have long straight bangs. Gather half of the hair at the top of your head and tie it into a ponytail. Simply wrap the tail around the rubber band, creating a loose bun. Fasten it with bobby pins and gently separate the bangs with your fingers so they don’t get in your eyes. Done. Ideal for those days when you’ve had enough of everything.

Tips on how to get smaller forehead with better makeup

We already know from an early age that makeup has countless possibilities, so using it correctly can help us in this case as well. However, before applying make-up, it is necessary to clean the face thoroughly. We always recommend goat’s milk soap for best results. You can make soap yourself at home, and read more about it at the link HERE.

Tips for smaller forehead with better makeup

Dark Powder

When talking about makeup the best thing to do to reduce your forehead would be to use dark powder on the tops of your forehead which will make your forehead look smaller. Apply the powder in such a way that you start applying it in the middle of your face on the area of the outer cheeks near the ears and pull the brush over the entire forehead all the way to the other side of the face, making a semicircle shape.

In this procedure, you bypass the central part of the face, actually the inner part of the cheek, because it is the longest part of the face, but emphasize the outer parts of the face. For the longest part of the face, that is the part of the inner cheeks and around the nose, you can gently apply a highlighter.


One way to draw attention away from your forehead is to direct that attention to your eyes. A great trick that can help you with this is your eyebrows, with a drawing just above the top of your eyebrow, but make sure it’s imperceptible, be serious. It will definitely raise your eyebrows a bit and reduce the emphasis on your forehead.


Another tip would be using bright lip, which will balance out the look of your face.

There are really a lot of lipsticks on the market today, and our favorite is definitely KIKO Milano liquid lipstick, which you can find on Amazon at a very good price and solve problems with a prominent forehead.

KIKO Milano Unlimited Double Touch 121 | Liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application. Lasts up to 12 hours. No-transfer base colour

However, after a long day, the skin is tired of makeup, and to make it easier for your face, you must take it off. We also recommended you use coconut oil for removing makeup, and why we recommend it read in more detail in our text.

Tips on how to get smaller forehead with fashion accessories

Tips for smaller forehead with fashion accessories

Big earrings

As for fashion accessories, the best option is definitely big earrings. They will draw attention from your forehead to the lower part of your face and significantly improve the symmetry.

Hats, scarves and caps

In summer, you can use fluffy hats, and in winter, hide your forehead with various scarves and caps. A hat is a fashion detail powerful enough to spice up any combination. They can be big, or small, with a big or small rim, and just one model is enough to add a touch of chic to your fashion combinations.


Wear a necklace to put your forehead and your face in general in the background. When choosing a necklace, make sure that it is a larger necklace, of course it should not be huge, but avoid those miniature necklaces.


A bandana is a great fashion accessory and you can wear it at any time of the year, it will do the job perfectly for your forehead, and it can also become your everyday detail and something that will definitely make you stand out and stand out from the crowd.

We also found a great proposal for you, where for $6 you get 3 different trendy bandanas, and you can choose the color combinations yourself from a wide selection.

Bycc Bynn 3 Pack 100% Cotton Paisley Pattern Bandanas Face Mask Square Scarf Headwear

Page hairstyles for a high forehead

There are really a lot of lipsticks on the market today, and our favorite is definitely KIKO Milano liquid lipstick, which you can find on Amazon at a very good price and solve problems with a prominent forehead.

Page hairstyles for a high forehead

Page hairstyle with bangs

A page haircut with thick, straight bangs is the best choice for those with an oblong face and a high forehead.

The length of the bob and the way it frames the face will especially emphasize your eyes and lips, and thick straight bangs will perfectly cover your high forehead. This hairstyle visually frames the face and makes it more round, which is great for ladies with a long face.

Joke page with bangs

This chic and unusual page looks great on those with an oblong face and high forehead. It will frame your face and hide your high forehead with bangs, and the hairstyle itself focuses the viewer’s attention on the eyes and face.

First you have to get a haircut. Ask your hairdresser for a shaggy page and straight bangs. How to make this hairstyle? Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and apply a heat protectant spray. Dry and straighten your hair with a hair straightening brush and hair dryer. When the hair is dry, spray a larger amount of texture spray.

Then simply squeeze the hair with your hands so as not to “break” it and thus get a perfect, slightly messy look. Do the same with the bangs, feel free to ruffle them. You will look sexy and a bit wild, and you will forget about the high forehead.

Asymmetric side parting

An asymmetrical hairstyle like this “makes” the eye see a smaller forehead, especially in combination with a side part of the hairstyle. This hairstyle looks perfectly modern and absolutely chic. It’s also great because it doesn’t require much effort. Chaotic and messy side-swept ends are a really great accessory for those who are free-spirited.

Thick side bangs

Adding a lot of volume with side-swept bangs gives the appearance that your hair is lush and luscious, rather than having a high forehead. Lush side bangs are great hairstyles for high foreheads as they add dimension to your face and forehead.

Half-up hair with bangs

First, cut your hair with bangs that are not too thick. Wash your hair, apply a heat protectant spray, and blow dry your hair. Apply some texturizing spray and curl strands of hair about 3 cm thick.

Gather half of the hair at the top of the head and apply some hair softening serum with a comb. Gently slick the rest of the hair back and secure with bobby pins. Lightly ruffle the bangs.

Hairstyles for high forehead and thin hair

The ideal hairstyles for thin hair are those that make your hair look fuller and more alive. A layered haircut is one of the best choices for thin hair, and at the same time, it can cover your high forehead nicely. Layered hairstyles give your hair more volume and a more attractive look. These are some of the most popular hairstyles for thin hair and a high forehead.

Layered hair

Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in layers or steps. In this way, you will get more volume and the front, as a rule, shorter strands will hide your high forehead. It is an ideal hairstyle for thin hair, and if you have a high forehead.

Large and exuberant waves

Flip your hair to one side and create luscious summer waves. Apply texturizing spray to dry hair. Lightly create big waves. Don’t try to keep them neat. Messy waves will give the impression of more volume and you will successfully cover a high forehead. This hairstyle is great for those with thin hair, because it gives an apparent volume.

Ballerina bun

You may not have been able to achieve your dream of becoming a ballerina, you can certainly have a hairstyle like one of them. Cut the bangs in a relaxed way, not completely straight or completely oblique, but a little looser, more uneven. Tie your hair in a high bun, put a so-called “doughnut” for the bun. Wrap the tail around it and secure it with bobby pins. Pull out a few strands from the sides to hang loosely. Finally, spray your hair with hairspray.

Why do we have a high forehead?

Why do we have a high forehead?
The causes of a high forehead are usually genetic. Namely, in our genes, all physical features are outlined, including the shape of the face, the distance between the eyes, the size of the forehead and hair. Admittedly, the edge of the forehead where hair grows can “move” with age: genetically determined hair loss can occur with age, and this is called androgenetic alopecia. Wearing tight ponytails or braids often can further damage the hair roots. Various hair styling products further weaken the hair. The result can be traction alopecia – that is, local hair loss.

Perfect Forehead Dimensions
Should you really ask yourself how to get smaller forehead

Perfect forehead dimensions

According to ancient Chinese physiognomy, the ideal forehead must have the following dimensions:

– The hairline, which is used to determine the height of the forehead, should pass 5 – 9 cm above the upper point of the eyebrow

– The height of the forehead should be equal to the length of the nose

– The height of the forehead should be equal to the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin

– The forehead should be 12.5 to 20 cm wide.

There is also a theory that the ideal forehead is the one on which 4 fingers of your hand fit, 4 fingers without the thumb. When you put 4 fingers on your forehead, if you fill the entire space, it means you have a perfect forehead size. Anything less than 4 fingers will mean that you have a smaller forehead than normal, and if you still have some space left, it will be a clear sign that you have a slightly elevated forehead.

Benefits of a high forehead

Benefits of a high forehead

We constantly talk about the disadvantages of a high forehead, of course, it also has its advantages. Women with broad foreheads have high intelligence. They have the ability to realize their own and other people’s rights, to quickly build themselves up in any new situation. Possessing wild energy, these women are able to neutralize all problems. Such women always have good manners and are generally very nice and pleasant to everyone. As a rule, these women are excellent at work and great leaders, who have fulfilled themselves and achieved a lot in life.


In the end, we want to repeat that if you have a big forehead, it does not represent any obstacle for you to feel comfortable in your own skin, because a big forehead is at least 100 times more beautiful than a small forehead, so be proud because a high forehead is a sign of high intelligence in many cultures. Even many celebrities have this ‘problem’ but it doesn’t stop them from conquering the world every day, so don’t let it stop you from being the best version of yourself.

We have highlighted some tips on how to naturally reduce the appearance of your forehead by fixing your hairstyle, maybe using a slightly different make-up method than the one you have been using so far and using the right fashion accessories that will improve the symmetry of your entire face.

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