How To Make Blue and Black Braids

As a hair enthusiast, I’ve fallen in love with the art of blue and black braids. They’re not just your average hairstyle; it’s a fusion of hues that creates a striking look. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, I’m here to guide you on how to create this unique style. It’s easier than you’d think and the result is simply stunning! Let’s dive into this exciting world of color and creativity together.

Blue and Black Braids
Me doing my blue and black braids

You’re about to delve into the art of braiding, particularly focusing on blue and black braids, why they’re a stylish choice for you. Braids have been a staple in the fashion world for centuries, and these two colors just take it up a notch.

There are different braid patterns you can explore. The classic three-strand pattern is always a good place to start but if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also the fishtail or Dutch braid. These styles not only add dimension to your hair but also give it an edgy look with their dark hues.

DIY techniques are available if you’re feeling crafty. However, bear in mind that braiding requires some skill and patience so don’t be disheartened if your first few attempts aren’t perfect. Start with clean and detangled hair. A bit of mousse or gel can help manage flyaways and keep your braids neat.

For those who’d rather leave it to professionals, there are professional braiders who specialize in creating intricate patterns that will surely turn heads wherever you go. They have mastered multiple styling options such as box braids, cornrows or even crochet styles which can all be done using blue and black strands.

Lastly, remember proper hair care tips when rocking these vibrant colored plaits. Given that the dyeing process can result in dryness, make sure you condition regularly and use products designed for color-treated hair to maintain its luster and health.


A Fusion of Hues: Blend of Blue and Black

It’s fascinating how a fusion of hues, such as dark and light, can create an incredibly striking hairstyle. The blend of blue and black in braids is one such instance where color combinations play a critical role in enhancing the aesthetics.

The styling techniques for creating this look are relatively straightforward. You start by selecting two shades of hair extensions – one black and the other varying from a vibrant cobalt to a deep navy based on your preference. After prepping your natural hair with moisturizer and parting it into sections, you interweave these extensions using different braid patterns like box braids or cornrows.

Now, let’s talk about celebrities with blue and black braids as they’re great sources of inspiration. Stars like Janelle Monáe have rocked this look at red carpet events, embodying edgy glamour while proving that this style can indeed be high-fashion.

However, there are pros and cons of blue and black braids that you should consider before opting for this look. The major plus is undoubtedly its unique visual appeal which allows you to make a bold statement effortlessly. It also adds texture to your hair while protecting it from environmental damage.

On the flip side, maintaining these brightly colored extensions can be time-consuming as they may fade over time due to washing or exposure to sunlight. Also, if not installed correctly or taken care of properly, braided hairstyles could potentially lead to hair breakage or even loss.

Choosing Your Shade: Variations in Blue and Black Braids

Choosing the right shade isn’t just about personal preference; it’s also about considering your skin tone and what colors will complement it best. When browsing through different shades of blue and black for braids, you’ve got to keep in mind that not every shade suits everyone. For deeper skin tones, a rich midnight blue mixed with jet black can make a striking contrast while cooler blues may work better for lighter complexions.

Hair texture is another factor to consider when selecting your colors. Thicker, coarser hair can hold bold hues beautifully without seeming overwhelming. However, if your hair’s on the thinner or finer side, subtler shades could be more flattering.

Styling options are practically unlimited when it comes to blue and black braids. From chunky box braids to sleek cornrows, there are countless ways to rock this color combo. And let’s not forget the celebrities rocking these hues – stars like Rihanna and Alicia Keys have been spotted sporting these cool blues and deep blacks with immense style.

The cultural significance of braiding combined with such an unconventional choice of color adds yet another layer of depth to this look. It ties back into African heritage where intricate hairstyles were often used as symbols of social status or tribal affiliation.

Now that we’ve addressed how to choose your perfect shade combination considering various factors including skin tone, hair texture, styling options and even cultural significance; let’s dive into the next chapter – ‘the process of braiding’. We’ll break down step-by-step how you can achieve these beautiful blue and black braids at home!

Process of Braiding

Process of Braiding

Let’s dive right in and discuss the process of braiding, covering each step with detailed instructions. The first thing to know is that different braiding techniques require various tools. For blue and black braids, I’d recommend a rat-tail comb for parting sections, hair ties to keep other parts out of the way while you’re working, and hair cream or gel to smooth frizz.

Now let’s get down to the business of actually creating those gorgeous blue and black braids. You can go for a classic three-strand braid which is great for all hair lengths; just divide your section into three equal parts and alternately cross each side over the middle strand till you reach the end. Another technique that works well especially on longer hair is the French braid where you start with a small section at the crown and gradually add more hair as you work your way down.

As I’m styling my own hair, I love adding accessories like beads or metallic cuffs – they really make those blue strands pop! Just thread them onto a piece of wire or a thin hook tool, then slide them up into place on your braid.

Once you’ve got your lovely braided hairstyle in place, there are plenty of styling options available. If it’s hot out, try gathering your braids into a high ponytail or bun – it keeps things cool while showing off those striking colours. On colder days, wearing your braids loose can provide some extra warmth around your neck.

And there we have it – an inside look at how I create my signature blue and black braids!

Blue and Black Braids as a Statement

You’re making quite the statement when you adorn your hair with vibrant hues, aren’t you? Blue and black braids for summer are a bold choice that scream self-expression. This trendy hairstyle is not just about standing out, it’s also about embracing individuality, creativity, and daring to be different.

Celebrities rocking blue and black braids have set an amazing trend. Stars like Rihanna and Cardi B have been spotted flaunting these striking braids at red carpet events and concerts alike. They’ve turned heads with their audacious styles, inspiring others to explore this unique color combination.

Blue and black braids for special occasions can add a stunning touch to any outfit. Whether it’s a wedding or an office party, these eye-catching braids are sure to make you the center of attention. With the right accessories and attire, your blue-black braided style will give off an air of elegance mixed with edginess.

But don’t let formal events be your only excuse! Blue and black braids can serve as a playful way to express yourself on any given day. It’s about more than just hair—it’s a form of artistry allowing you to show off your personality in a fun yet stylish manner.

Trendy hairstyles with blue and black braids are becoming increasingly popular worldwide because they offer versatility while making fashion statements that are hard to ignore. So why not join the trend? Go ahead; create your own mark!

As we transition into our next topic section—we’ll delve into maintaining and enhancing your fabulous new look: tips for longevity of those beautiful blue-black braids!

Maintaining and Enhancing Your Braids: Tips for Longevity

So, we’ve established that blue and black braids are indeed a statement. They’re bold, they’re edgy, and they can truly set you apart. But once you’ve achieved this sassy look, how do you maintain it? Let’s delve into some essential tips for maintaining, protecting, and caring for your blue and black braids.

First things first: the products and tools you use are crucial for ensuring long-lasting braids. A good braid spray is essential to keep your hair moisturized while preventing frizz. You’ll also need a satin bonnet or scarf to protect your braids at night from friction which can result in frizz.

When it comes to protective styling techniques to prevent damage, remember not pull too tight on the edges of your hair when creating your braids – this could lead to breakage or even traction alopecia in the long run. Instead, go easy on those edges; they’ll thank you later!

Cleansing is another important step in braid care. Use a diluted shampoo solution applied with an applicator bottle directly onto your scalp followed by rinsing thoroughly without disturbing the braids too much.

Moisturizing is equally vital as cleansing. Apply leave-in conditioner regularly throughout the week to keep your hair hydrated.

Finally, if after several weeks your braids start looking dull or feel dry – don’t fret! Refresh them by applying some hydrating spray then seal with oil. This will revive them back their initial shine and softness allowing extended wear.

Remember these tips aren’t just about making those blue-black braids last; they’re about maintaining healthy hair underneath all that style!

Styling and Pairing Blue and Black Braids with Attire

Pairing your vibrant tresses with the right outfit can really amp up your overall look. Every time I rock my blue and black braids, I ensure that my wardrobe complements not just my hairstyle but also my personality and the occasion.

For casual outings, like brunch or shopping, styling tips include donning outfits in neutral tones to create a stunning contrast. Celebrities with blue/black braids often do this to make their hair pop on red carpets! Accessorizing options such as statement earrings or bold sunglasses add an extra edge.

For formal occasions, pairing these braids with elegant dresses in shades of navy, black or metallics is always a winning choice. And remember hairstyles for different occasions matter too! A high ponytail of blue/black braids for a cocktail party gives class while letting these tresses flow loose over an evening dress exudes glamour.

Now let’s talk about DIY vs Professional braiding. Personally, I find it rewarding to braid my own hair – it’s cost-effective and allows for personal customization. But if you’re new to this or want intricate styles like those seen on celebrities with blue/black braids, professional help might be more suitable.

Finally, don’t forget accessories! They can completely transform your look. Silk scarves wrapped around the crown of your head offer a boho vibe whereas golden cuffs threaded through individual braids scream sophistication.

If you wish to dress elegantly while rocking your blue and black braids, we have a guide on the topic how to dress elegantly, give it a shot!

Remember: The key is confidence! No matter how you choose to style your blue and black braids; wear them proudly because they are uniquely yours!


In wrapping up, I’ve shown you the art and allure of blue and black braids. You’ve explored varying shades, learned the process, and discovered how to maintain your vibrant style. These braids aren’t just a hairstyle; they’re a bold statement, a creative expression that’s uniquely yours. With these tips in hand, you’re now ready to create, flaunt and care for your own blue and black braids! So go ahead, give it a whirl – you might just love it!

This post is written and managed by Lily Brooks

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