Best Way to Take Collagen - All About Collagen Intake

As we age, we also lose collagen, and today we will talk about the best way to take collagen. Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body for maintaining a slim appearance, but more importantly, for healthier skin, hair and nails, we need its supplementation, because it is difficult for us to replace it naturally.

Best Way to Take Collagen

If you’re thinking about adding collagen to your regular regimen, chances are you’re pretty confused by the variety of products on the market and don’t know which supplement option would be best. Below are some of my tips, and be sure to read my other articles about Collagen and Collagen supplementation, such as How to Use Collagen Powder For Skin, How Long Does Collagen Take To Work On Skin, Can You Take Collagen Type 1 2 And 3 Together or Powder Collagen Vs Liquid Collagen!

From the age of twenty, the production of collagen in our body naturally slows down. As we age, we gradually have less of it. Stress, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol or too much exposure to the sun without adequate protection are factors that negatively affect the amount of collagen in the body.

Talking about the role and importance of collagen for our body means talking about one of the basic tissues – connective tissue, which together with cartilage and bone forms the supporting tissue, and is spread throughout the body.

It has several different roles: it connects individual bones into joints, builds envelopes around organs and separates them from each other, connects the skin with the structures below it. It envelops muscles and certain muscle groups, covers and protects blood vessels and nerves at the places where they enter or exit organs, so that, in addition to supporting, it also has a nutritional role.

The special composition of the binder ensures its role in preserving the natural resistance of the organism, as well as its regenerative role because it participates in the restoration of all types of supporting tissue.

Collagen is necessary for the health of the skin, its strength and flexibility, for nails, hair and teeth, for joints and bones, the health of the liver, cardiovascular system, metabolism and muscles and the vitality of the whole organism.

When to Take Collagen?

The time of consumption of collagen depends on the reason for which you consume it. What is the best way to take collagen is a tricky question because if you are often bloated or have a bowel problem, it is best to take collagen in the morning. You can mix collagen with smoothies or add it to lemonade. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you can drink it in the evening before going to bed.

Some claim that collagen is best taken in the morning, on an empty stomach, to maximize absorption. Others claim that it is better to take collagen at night so that the body has enough time to process collagen while you sleep.

However, to this day there is no convincing evidence that taking collagen at a certain time of day gives the best results. Collagen peptides are absorbed through the gut and then into the bloodstream regardless of when you take them, so feel free to consume them when it’s most convenient for you.

How Often to Take Collagen?

Collagen is recommended to be consumed on a daily basis, so you can freely start or end your day with a dose of collagen. Daily consumption of collagen will also speed up your natural collagen production. Your hair, skin and nails will be healthier and tighter.

Exaggeration is not good in anything, so this also applies to collagen supplementation. By regularly using collagen up to 15g per day, you will never have any problems. Absolutely everyone can use collagen, with the exception of people who have kidney problems, so they need to eat less protein.

Best Way to Take Collagen – My Top 5 Options

You can take collagen in countless ways, but I will show you several ways in which I took collagen and what I liked. For me, the best way to take collagen is:

1. Morning Coffee with Collagen Supplement
If you are the type who drinks morning coffee first thing in the morning and your day doesn’t start before that, then collagen supplementation at that time is ideal for you. Most collagen supplements are odorless and tasteless. That’s how you’ll get your daily dose of collagen, and you won’t even notice.

2. Add Collagen to Your Smoothie
Another way to get collagen invisibly is to add collagen to your regular smoothie. Collagen supplements are one of the most tolerable and you won’t have problems with foaming even if you put them in a blender.

3. Add Collagen With Fruit Juice
If you don’t drink natural fruit juices, then let this be your warning that you should start. With them, you will certainly take in numerous vital vitamins, so you will also improve the effect of collagen supplements.

4. Add Collagen With Hot Chocolate
An excellent way to supplement in winter and cold days is to combine the pleasant with the useful and drink it with hot chocolate. As I said about coffee, the same applies here, it is important to find the right collagen without smell and taste.

5. Pancakes with Collagen
Due to its great possibility of application in different ways, you can even put the collagen supplement in pancakes. We know that collagen indirectly helps with weight loss, so you can eat your pancakes with less guilt.

how much collagen do we need

How much collagen do we need?

One study dealt with this very question, in the results published in 2019 in the Nutrients magazine, which state that an additional 2.5 – 15 g of collagen peptides can be included in the diet every day in order to maintain the balance in the body.

How do we Know if We are Taking Enough Collagen?

If you notice some of these changes, it’s possible that your body needs a little help with collagen production:

– Reduced skin flexibility and wrinkles
– Thin skin
– Relaxed under-eye circles
– Brittle nails and hair
– Pain in joints and muscles
– Cellulite
– Brittle bones
– Leaky gut syndrome

Should You Drink a Higher Dose Than Recommended?

There are no official guidelines for how much collagen should be taken per day. In general, to improve skin and hair health, 2.5 to 15 grams of collagen peptides can be taken orally for 8 to 12 weeks daily. For arthritis, 10 grams of collagen peptides can be taken daily in 1-2 divided doses for approximately 5 months. As we said earlier, if you stick to the recommended amounts of collagen, you will feel its benefits very quickly.

Which Vitamins to Combine Collagen With?

In addition to sources of collagen, it is good to focus on certain micronutrients and macronutrients that increase its production in the body. The creation of collagen is preceded by the so-called procollagen, which the body produces from a combination of two amino acids – specifically glycine and proline.

Glycine can be found in pork or chicken skin, while proline is found in egg whites, wheat germ, dairy products or mushrooms. In addition to amino acids, your body also needs other dietary components to produce and maintain collagen.

Vitamin C is a very important ingredient in skin care. Our body cannot produce collagen without antioxidants, so it is important for that reason. It is primarily useful in the production of fibroblasts, which stops DNA damage to collagen and regulates synthesis, i.e. how collagen is created.

Vitamin C is a key cofactor in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which will give your skin that youthful appearance.
Vitamin C, in addition, can take on a protective role, i.e. stabilize the collagen you already have thanks to its antioxidant properties. Namely, vitamin C can help neutralize free radical damage, the main source of collagen breakdown and DNA damage.

Our body cannot create vitamin C on its own; we have to take it in, so it is important that the collagen supplement also has that ingredient.

5 Things That Will Happen to You if You Use Collagen Regularly

Finally, I will tell you 5 positive changes that you will see in yourself if you regularly supplement with collagen:

Improved Joint Health

As we age, our joints begin to break. In particular, the cartilage of the joints becomes degraded.
There is evidence that collagen supplements can help restore or prevent the wear and tear of cartilage in joints. Some research has shown that taking collagen can help reduce joint pain overall. The theory is that extra collagen can accumulate in the cartilage and stimulate the tissues to produce collagen. This can lead to less inflammation, better support for your joints, and less pain.

Strengthening Bones

Your bones are mostly made up of collagen, which gives them structure and helps keep them strong. With age, bones become more fragile and take longer to heal. Research has shown that taking collagen daily can help strengthen bones, slow down the aging process that makes them brittle, and help the body build new bone substances.

Skin Improvement

Collagen supplements have been shown to improve skin elasticity and hydration. As we age, the body produces less collagen, which leads to dry skin and wrinkles. Several studies have shown that collagen peptides can help slow skin aging by reducing wrinkles and dryness.
The wrinkle-reducing effects of collagen supplements are attributed to their ability to stimulate the body to produce its collagen.

Build Muscle Mass

Between 1-10% of muscle tissue consists of collagen. So it is an extremely important protein for muscle building and normal muscle function. Athletes use collagen peptides to shorten recovery time after intense exercise. Strenuous activity stresses the muscle fibers as well as the connective tissue sheath, so the body needs time to recover before the next training session. Collagen peptides can shorten recovery time. Researchers suggest that taking collagen can stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine and stimulate muscle growth after exercise.

Hair Growth And Stronger Nails

While men often suffer from hair loss after a certain age, many women have to experience thinning hair. If you also suffer from hair loss, it is recommended to take collagen. Collagen can positively affect the growth of your hair and ensure stronger nails.

This post is written and managed by Hannah West

Hannah West

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