What Skincare Products Should NOT Be Refrigerated

You should not refrigerate any products that are going to lose consistency and might crystalize because of the extreme temperature in the skincare fridge. This mostly includes moisturizers, serums, balms, oil based products and clay products. HERE IS WHY

what skincare products should not be refrigerated

If you are wondering what skincare products should not be refrigerated then moisturizers are the first product on your list. They are going to cause you problems if you put them in the skincare fridge because they will become stiffer and lose consistency, so you won’t be able to get them out of the packaging.
That’s why you should not put them in the fridge, but if you can’t resist it and decide to put them in, always keep an eye on them.

Serums are another product you mostly want to keep out of the skincare fridge since depending on their formulation, their mixture can separate because of the extreme conditions in the fridge. Because it depends on the formulation this does not include all of the serums. Most of the manufacturers do test their products for extreme conditions so you should be able to dig it up for your serum, can you or can you not put it in the fridge.

Oil based products are a big no regarding the skincare fridge. It is extremely dangerous to put these products in the fridge since their mixture might fall apart and you can throw the product straight into trashcan.

Clay products are also not recommended in the fridge because they are going to harden really fast and that is not their natural state, just avoid putting them in the fridge.

What Skincare Products Should Be Refrigerated

You should refrigerate products with whom you want to have a cooling and refreshing effect on your skin. This includes toners, mists, sheet masks, products that are meant for your eye area, and even some skincare tools.

Among the skincare tools, specialists mostly recommend putting a facial roller in the fridge. “Putting your facial roller in the skincare fridge is an excellent way of depuffing the skin and can even help with inflammatory acne,” says Dermatologist Esther Olu. This can also be done in a normal fridge and doesn’t require a special skincare mini fridge as long as you don’t use a freezer. Putting the products and tools in the freezer can be extremely dangerous. Putting your products in the freezer is too extreme of cold temperature as it can cause microscopic frostbite on your skin The reason why you should refrigerate creams and products for your eye area is again for that cooling and chilling effect. “Also, the lower temperature constricts the underlying blood vessels and helps reduce under-eye puffiness,” says Doctor Claire Chang. For those of you who use benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, a skincare fridge might be a good idea since benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that benefits from being refrigerated. “Benzoyl peroxide is often stored in skincare fridges because it denatures at room temperature” says DR. Tina Alster. But you might have this problem only if you live in a very hot environment, generally places like Arizona, or Dubai, you get the point. Another type of product that you must keep in the skincare fridge is the ones that are completely natural and have no preservatives in them. By putting them in the skincare fridge you avoid any bacterial contamination of those products. You can look at this from another perspective, you are keeping your food in the fridge because it has no preservatives in it, well the same goes for this type of product. It is important to note that some of the prescriptions like TRILUMA must be refrigerated but again, a normal kitchen fridge will do just fine. Normally your doctor will point out which prescriptions should be held in a fridge.



1.  One of the main skincare fridge benefits is that products you refrigerate last longer after you unpack them. So, it basically means it will keep your products “active” if you want for a longer period.

A lot of us get frustrated when our skincare products expire, and the skincare refrigerator is supposed to fix that for us. The short shelf life is mostly a problem of natural skincare products that don’t have preservatives in them, which results in an extremely short shelf life.

Always be mindful of the small LABEL on the products that indicates how long a product can be used after you open it. The label most of the time looks something like this and it shows how many months it can be used after you open it.

2. The second benefit is that the skincare refrigerator will stop the growth of bacteria on your skincare products. Now you must be wondering, how the heck did bacteria get on my skincare product? Well, we all have a lot of bacteria on our fingers and when you stick your finger in your cream you can contaminate it with bacteria. So this applies only to skincare products that you touch directly with your fingers, for example, open creams, jells, etc. 3. A lot of skincare products feel nice after you use them directly from the fridge, this applies most of the time on sheet mists and serums. According to the Cutaneous Foundation cooled off products can help to soothe itching and discomfort on our skin.



1. Constant temperature change
One of the biggest cons of these mini fridges is that your products are going to experience constant temperature changes as you are getting them out of the fridge and putting them back.
Doctor Alexis Stephens points out that it is extremely important not to leave the products out of the fridge for a long period of time when you get them out as that can negatively impact their efficiency. This conn is, even more, expressed if you are living in a place with a hot climate.

2. Changes consistency of the product
Products like moisturizers or balms will probably become stiffer in the skincare fridge. This becomes a problem especially if they are packed in droppers or pumps which results in you trying hard to get those products out of the packaging.

3. Crystalized ingredients
Some ingredients which are used in the skincare products might get cryslized when put in extreme conditions like the skincare fridge is. This happens mostly with the ingredients like vitamin C and UV filters, so if your product has those in it then the skincare fridge is probably not the right place for it.

4. Skincare fridge can be noisy 
If you are a light sleeper you probably want to avoid putting the fridge in the bedroom. If you cant plug it in anywhere else we recommend you to not buy one at all.

When is it helpful to put skincare products in the mini-fridge?

This is mostly recommended if you have problems with itching. In the summer days, you might have a bug bite that can irritate your skin. If this is the case, it is recommended to moisturize the skin on the itchy part. This is when a refrigerator comes in, if you cool off the moisturizer before putting it on your itchy skin it is going to have an even better effect.

The way this works is that the cold sensation on the skin will distract the nerves in your skin which send signals for the itching. The truth be told, you can cool off the moisturizer for a few hours in a normal fridge, but it will surely come in handy if you have a mini fridge in the bathroom dedicated just to skin products.


As far we are asked we would recommend CHIEFMAN MIRRORED SKINCARE FRIDGE

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If our text above did not convince you that you should not spend that much money on this type of fridge then we consider it a failure. To be fair you don’t need mini fridge at all regarding its functionalities but its cute and can be helpful in certain situations.

That’s why we would recommend this one, it is really small and convenient which is a plus but even bigger plus is that its relatively cheap compared to the rest of them but has everything others do and even more. This mini fridge had everything we would expect and a bit more.

The thing that bought us with this skincare fridge is its mirror, it is really great and is actually usable compared to the other mini fridges. Quality of the glass is extremely good and you will surely find it easy to put a make up and skincare products on in front of this mirror.

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