Body Butter Recipe

There are many different body butter recipe but they all differ in the main ingredient. This article will share detailed instructions on creating the 3 most popular body butters.

Each body butter recipe will contain all ingredients you may need, special equipment, instructions on how to mix ingredients up, and of course how to use the body butter you make.

Body Butter Recipe - FULL INSTRUCTIONS

Of course, there are several reasons why you would want to make your homemade body butter. First, you want to have control over what is going into your skin and body, by using body butter from the store you will get harsh chemicals on your skin and body.

Second, you will save a lot of money by putting a little bit of effort into this. The third reason is that it’s just a lot of FUN to create something on your own and for yourself.

Let’s jump into the first body butter recipe right away.



Here is how you make your homemade body butter:
In a pan mix up shea butter with coconut oil and keep mixing on low heat until they are combined and melted. Then set it aside and wait for it to cool off to room temperature and then put that mixing bowl and then put the bowl into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.

The next step is to add vanilla and almond extracts, after this you have to mix ingredients with a hand mixer for approximately 2 minutes until it gets nicely whipped.

After you have done this get your mixture from the bowl into the jar, then seal the jar and put it aside in a spot without direct sunlight and at room temperature for 6 months.

HOW TO USE - Body Butter Vanilla

This body butter is applied before bed and after the shower.

You might need to stir well before use.

Chocolate Orange
Body Butter Recipe

Chocolate Orange Body Butter Recipe

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for Chocolate Orange Body Butter

Here is how to make Chocolate Orange Body Butter: First things first, make sure your working area is clean and sanitized, also use protective gloves when necessary.

Get a pan and melt the cocoa butter together with the coconut oil until they are completely mixed and melted together. Get this mixture into the bowl and then add orange essential oil to this mixture.
After you have added orange essential oil stir until they are combined.
The next step is to put the bowl into the freezer for 12 minutes or until it’s partially solid.

After you get the bowl out of the refrigerator you must mix for about 10 minutes on a high speed (use a hand or stand mixer).
After you finish mixing and your mixture is looking good, get a spoon and use it to put the mixture into the jar. Make sure to keep the jar dry and low on sunlight spots for a minimum of 6 months.

HOW TO USE - Chocolate Orange Body Butter

It is used after the shower and before bed same as vanilla body butter.

You might need to stir well before use.

Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing
Body Butter Recipe

INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT FOR Homemade Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing Body Butter recipe
Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing Body Butter

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing Body Butter

Make sure that your working area is clean and sanitized and that you have all of the equipment we have stated you will need to make Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing Body Butter.
Make sure to wear protective clothing or gloves if you think the situation demands it.

The first thing you should do is microwave, in 30 seconds increments, and melt the coconut oil and shea butter together. Make sure to steer them between increments so that they can combine.

Next, get them out of the microwave and make sure the mixture cools off, that will probably demand between 10 and 20 minutes.
Then, put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, don’t let it harden but rather just set.

After you take the mixture out of the refrigerator. Mix it with a hand or stand mixer for a couple of minutes at medium or high speed.
Then add cocoa powder along with the vanilla extract until the mixture gets nice and creamy.

Then put the body butter into the jar and make sure to set it into place without direct sunlight and on room temperature for 1 month.

HOW TO USE - Chocolate Soufflé Bronzing Body Butter

Use it before you go to the bed and make sure to apply with a spatula to avoid cross-contamination.

Why Make Your Body Butter?

Our skin is the longest organ of our body, you might think it’s not that important for example liver, kidneys, etc. Think again, because the skin is a very important organ. It protects our body from outside factors, and it’s exposed to them 24/7.

It protects us from infections, helps us regulate body temperature, and allows us to sense the world around us with touch. Acting as a barrier between us and the dangers of the outside world, don’t you think the skin deserves some care for it?

Well, if you think it does, making your body butter is going to help out.

Is body butter bought in stores bad for you?

Many body lotions can be bought in stores and all of them are differently produced, most of them though are bad for your skin since they include ingredients like preservatives (parabens, butylated hydroxy anisole aka. BHA, phthalates, fragrances, and perfumes.

Would you be surprised that even water contained by the store-bought body lotions contains a certain risk for you?
Well, any product that contains water is susceptible to mold. Manufacturers want to fight that mold and they do it by, you guessed it adding more preservatives that are affecting your skin in negative ways.


There are proprietary solutions available that help to nourish and care for us. But how often have you hoped for something more? Do you buy two, three, or more goods to meet your specific needs?

Perhaps one product does what you want but the fragrance is unpleasant. I spent a lot of money on all of these goods before deciding enough was enough and starting to make my own. Let’s conserve part of your blood and sweat since I know you work incredibly hard for your money.

You already take great delight in the originality of your kitchen dishes, the clothing you buy or make, or the decor and furnishings of your house, all of which are meant to represent your unique style and personality. But why should we stop there? All of the components are widely accessible for making your own lotions at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, anyone with little effort or talent may make their own lotions.
You’ll be designing your own personalized recipes in a matter of minutes. You wouldn’t wear the same dress as your friends or coworkers, so why use the same lotions?

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