Waxing Aftercare - Everything You Should Know

This post about waxing aftercare is intended for people that had waxing appointments but didn’t remember all the advice that professionals gave them, and for people that did it themselves.

Also, it is intended for people that want to be informed a little bit earlier before the appointment. For those that are planning to wax, we have post about what to do before waxing. You can read on our previous post, what to do before waxing.


Waxing aftercare is a combination of doing and avoiding, meaning that there are some steps that need to be followed, and some things that need to be avoided.

Waxing is not going to be successful if you don’t do your part. You can find the best professional to perform waxing, but if you don’t prepare your skin and don’t continue with waxing aftercare, you are going to have skin problems and probably never try it again.

So don’t let that happen, don’t be lazy, and do your part.
Now let’s assume that you prepared your skin and went to an appointment /dit it yourself, I bring you the final step in your waxing process.

These steps of waxing aftercare have to be done regularly to maintain healthy skin without redness, bumps, itchiness, and ingrown hair.

There are two steps:
1. Exfoliate
2. Moisturize

When doing these steps you have to be careful. You have to choose suitable products, or otherwise, you will have contra effect, something that is supposed to help you, may choose additional problems. So if you want to avoid that, inform yourself about products.


Exfoliating is a very important step because it can minimize the appearance of ingrown hairs. Exfoliators will take a layer of dead skin and allow new hair to grow normally.

Choose an exfoliator based on the area that has been waxed. I don’t recommend using the same exfoliator on your legs and bikini area because grains are not the same size and too big and hard grains on delicate are going to create problems. . Also time and way of exfoliating are very important.

After waxing your skin is very sensitive so you don’t want to scrub too hard, be gentle. Also, don’t do it too early and too often. Start with exfoliating three days after waxing and do it 2-3 times per week.

And speaking about too often part, you don’t want to over exfoliate, because with already taken off dead skin if you continue further you may damage your skin.

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This step of waxing aftercare is important in terms of ingrown hair, because dry and flaky skin is going to clog pores, and those clogged pores are the culprit for ingrown hair.

So moisturize regularly for skin with no problems. I know that this seems excessive, but you need to show some love for your skin after waxing. Here are some great moisturizers for waxing aftercare:

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Waxing aftercare - What you need to avoid

1. Keep away from the sun. As I said before after waxing your skin is very sensitive which makes it more vulnerable to harmful UV rays. I know that is very hard to keep away from the beach in the summertime, but your skin is going to be thankful if you do so.

2. As part of your waxing aftercare, you should avoid going to the swimming pool, ocean, lake, and even your bathtub. Let me explain. These areas contain bacteria, even taking bath is not recommended. Also, avoid hot showers, only lukewarm water is acceptable.

3. You should avoid any rubbing. Wearing clothes that is too tight, and accessories that may rub on the skin like belts, belong to this category. This rubbing can irritate your waxed skin.

If you had your bikini area waxed you should wear cotton underwear to allow your skin to breathe.
Also going to the gym belongs to this category. As most of us are aware, doing exercise often includes a lot of sweating and rubbing on various body regions.

You will almost surely obtain germs on your skin as a consequence of perspiration and newly waxed follicles, which will enhance your chance of a post-wax skin response!

To be on the safe side if you waxed the first time and you do not know how your skin is going to respond I recommend going to the gym 24 or 48h after waxing.
Hygiene is very important, so you should avoid touching the waxed area with unwashed hands. Before applying any products wash your hands thoroughly.

Well if you read my post about what you need to do before waxing (the link is in the introduction) and this post about waxing aftercare, you should be ready for a waxing appointment/or doing it yourself. These guidelines are very important to follow to avoid potential skin problems.

Now if you have read my posts and you are still not sure if you want to do it, let me tell you about the benefits of waxing.

What Are The Benefits?

Waxing has many benefits if done properly by following guidelines about pre-waxing and waxing aftercare.

• First of all, there is an obvious one, it lasts longer than shaving.

• It is an opportunity to pamper yourself and feel confident and beautiful

• If you do it regularly, over time hair growth is going to slow down, and hair is going to be thinner and lighter

• There are many possibilities to choose from. I talked about methods of waxing in this post, and you can choose any one of them that seems to you easiest.

• There is no shaving rash and irritation

• There are no shaving cuts

• Because of the fast removal of wax strips whilst skin is held tight there is going to be a less ingrown hair

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