How to wear eye patch
for the most effective results

Eyes are the first thing people notice about you. They are a mirror of your current state, so their proper care will make your face look awake, youthful, brightened and refreshed, which will certainly have an impact on your attitude and self-confidence.

Therefore, today we will talk about under eye patches for detailed eye care, types of patches and ways of applying them. We will also give you a few suggestions of patches we have tried, and we will try to give you a review of them.

Here Is How To Wear Eye Patch

Nourishing eye masks are ideal for all those moments when you’re looking for something more intense than your everyday eye cream. It will come in especially handy during days like this when you are trying, perhaps unsuccessfully, to get back to your daily routine and your usual sleeping and waking schedule, and you want to look rested at all times.

Regardless of whether you want an anti-wrinkle mask, one that offers quick cooling to reduce your dark circles, or hydration and skin brightening, eye patches can help you resolve all that problems.

1. To begin with, clean your face so that it is completely free of dirt or make-up residues

2. Double check before you remove the adhesive just to see if you have to do any cuts to match a perfect shape for your eyes.

3. You can go ahead now and apply under the eye patch, but always look up, because if you look to the side, the mask can be placed in the wrong place which can cause bruises.

4. Don’t place the eye patch too close into eye like on the waterline, because that can cause bruising too.

5. When you apply it, you can always lift it a couple times and readjust is, to secure your lashes for example.

6. Always resecure eye patch area with a couple pieces of tape, and always use cuts of special under eye tape.

7. Wait 20-30 minutes before removing.

For example, at the beginning of the week, we can’t really boast of our fresh and rested appearance, no matter how much we spent the weekend lazing around. Although we are not at all ready for all the challenges that the new working week has prepared for us, our appearance does not necessarily have to be like that, and all thanks to the masks that this time work on the targeted area, the one under the eyes…

We can easily call the area under the eyes the biggest complainer, since they can’t miss a single sleepless night or one more drink on the weekend. Fatigue, skin dehydration as well as the first signs of aging are first noticed in this sensitive area, all because the skin in this place is quite thin and therefore very sensitive.

Also, one of the big reasons why this area is problematic is our negligence in its care. Very often we are guided by the fact that our moisturizing cream is quite sufficient to provide deep care to our facial skin, and thus to this delicate area, but instead of care, we often achieve the opposite effect in this area.

How To Wear Under Eye Patches Property

As the standard face care cream is very oily and rich in various nutrients, it happens that it has a hard time sitting on this thin area and as such is quite aggressive for it. The area around the eyes should be approached very gently, with slightly lighter products that will keep the face fresh and rested. This is where we come to eye patches that belong to additional skin care, but very easily fit into your daily skincare routine.

According to Dr. Gray, a certified specialist in dermatology who shares her knowledge through her YouTube channel, Masks are certainly one of the methods for solving dark spots and dry skin under the eyes. You can also watch her video about additional methods for solving this problem, as well as a lot of useful content.

Types of masks according to the time when they are taken

In general, you can use eye patches at any time of the day. However, if you want better and lasting results, then it is best to use morning and night patches. Each of them has special benefits and contributes to your better and healthier appearance in the long term.

As for morning patches, we at Her Glance have tried many and they all give very similar results.

We would single out perhaps Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patches with which we quickly saw results and which were much more permanent than the others. As a good thing, it certainly stands out that you get 60 pairs of masks in one package, so you don’t have to think about it for a while. It may be a little more expensive, but when you consider the quantity you get and the sure result, a logical question arises; Why take a risk with something unproven and go into the unknown for a few dollars less?

When we talk about night patches, we can reveal one of our secrets. After using more than 20 different night eye patches, we can tell you that we have found the perfect one. This eye patch has produced lasting, incredible results for every woman on our team.

If you’re wondering what it’s about, it’s Patchology Serve Chilled Rosé Eye Gels, with which we are all very satisfied and we fully recommend this product.

Masks for dark circles

With dark circles, the cool effect is desirable, but the most important thing is to choose eye masks that lighten the skin. Vitamin C is a powerful ally, as are various antioxidants. Look for eye-brightening formulations. Of course, dark circles masks cannot completely remove genetically dark circles, but at least they will brighten the appearance of the eyes and reduce puffiness. Concealer will fix the dark color.

There are two types of masks in the fight against dark circles: the collagen mask for dark circles and the gel mask for dark circles:

Collagen mask for dark circles

Collagen mask for dark circles

It is already known how important collagen is for the beauty of the skin. We also know that with its loss, the elasticity and firmness of the skin is lost, so it is necessary to compensate it through numerous products for face and body care.

It is found in many preparations, almost all creams, serums, gels, skin tonics, and it can also be found as a collagen mask for dark circles.

The collagen mask hydrates the skin and restores its color. In the place where it is applied, the skin will be fresher and more elastic, brighter. The mask is very carefully applied to the area around the eyes, make sure it doesn’t get inside, leave it on for about half an hour, and then wash it off. Massage the rest of the mask well into the area around the eyes. Use it up to three times a week.

Gel mask for dark circles

Gel mask for dark circles

For those who know them well, gels are rare, glassy substances that contain all the active ingredients like any cream or serum. They have a lighter structure than any other care and beauty product, the skin absorbs them well and they quickly reach the deep layers of the skin.

The gels are not rubbed in, they are well dabbed on the skin and allowed to be well absorbed by the skin, because they do not leave a greasy mark. They polish the skin well and make it smooth. As such, they cool the place where they are applied and create a feeling of release. This is precisely why they are very effective when applied to the skin around the eyes, reducing puffiness, puffiness and dark circles.

They hydrate the skin, restoring its natural and soothing glow.

Masks for wrinkles and lines

A mask for wrinkles around the eyes should definitely contain anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants, gold and other anti-aging complexes that will regenerate the skin under the eyes.

Wrinkles around the eyes may be the first indicator of weakening skin elasticity and general aging. We notice them when our concealer and foundation don’t look as smooth as they used to, and our eyes start to look tired. Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process, but we can greatly slow down that process if we take proper care of our skin and provide it with enough care.

We all have wrinkles, and we can notice them already in our 20s. Moreover, if you have “laughter” wrinkles, you are considered to have enjoyed life with lots of laughter and good humor.

Masks for wrinkles and lines

Wrinkles around the eyes can be caused by several factors and can be reduced to some extent or even removed with proper treatments. The most important thing is to react in time and make sure that your skin does not lack collagen and other nutrients that will keep it beautiful for a long time.

Some of the factors that cause wrinkles in the eye area are laughing, squinting (which is why it is advisable to wear quality sunglasses), aggressive makeup removal and not using creams or oils that would nourish the area.

Already formed wrinkles can be softened by using masks with an anti-aging effect.

Masks for bags under the eyes

One of the main signs of aging in the eye area is bags under the lower lids. They give the face a tired look and significantly impair the physical appearance. By correcting the bags, we significantly improve the appearance, the face looks fresher, healthier, rested and younger.

The skin under and around the eyes is very thin and more sensitive. When you add up how many times we blink during our lifetime and when you take into account the harmful effects of the environment on the skin, it is not surprising that this area ages the fastest. Aging leads to a loss of collagen, resulting in excess skin. Accumulation of fluid and fatty tissue further increase excess skin.

According to the shape of the bag, we divide it into.

Masks for bags under the eyes

Hard Bags:

Peptide therapy – By means of a cannula, i.e. extended needles inject peptides into the skin that dissolve accumulated fat or fluid. Two treatments 2 to 3 weeks apart are sufficient. The result is visible after a few weeks. Recovery lasts from 1 to 3 days. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia.

Endolift – Using a laser fiber with a thickness of only 1/2 or 1/3 mm, fat under the skin is melted with the help of optical energy with the effect of tightening the skin. The treatment is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient, but sometimes it is necessary to repeat it, which cannot be predicted in advance. In most clients there is no recovery, while in a smaller number there may be mild swelling that lasts from 1 to 3 days. The result is visible after a few weeks and gets better with time.

Enzyme therapy – In the therapy, enzymes are used that are injected using a cannula, in order to dissolve excess fatty tissue. 2 treatments 2 to 3 weeks apart are sufficient. The treatment is not painful. The effect is visible after a few weeks and gets better with time.

RF lipolysis – Using a thin cannula under the skin, radio waves melt the fat while tightening the skin. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient. After the treatment, a small swelling may remain, which passes after 1 to 3 days. The initial effect is visible after a few weeks and gets better with time.

Excess Skin (Soft):

Fractional CO2 laser – With the help of the optical energy of the laser, microscopic damage is done under the skin, which promotes skin tightening. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Recovery takes about 3 days. After the procedure, the first result is visible after a few weeks. For a good result, 1 to 3 treatments are needed, with an interval of 30 to 45 days.

RF Pen – After the application of a local anesthetic cream, a needle is passed through the skin and radio waves are emitted, which stimulate the tightening of the skin. One to three treatments are required. The first results are visible after a few weeks and get better with time. Recovery can last from 1 to 3 days.

Endolift – A laser fiber only 1/5 to 1/3 mm thick is used, which under the skin, with the help of optical energy, promotes skin tightening. Local anesthesia is given before the treatment. Most require one treatment. The initial effect is visible after a few weeks and gets better with time. Recovery lasts from 1 to 3 days.

RF subcision – With the cannula, radio waves are released under the skin that tighten the skin. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient. The result is visible after a few weeks and gets better with time. Recovery lasts from 1 to 3 days.

Cryo Face – The treatment is painless and there is no recovery. With the combination of radio waves, the skin is heated and then cooled, with a strong skin tightening effect. The result is mostly noticeable immediately after the treatment, and it gets better with time. 3 to 5 treatments are enough, and the interval between treatments is 5 to 20 days.

Under-eye patches morning or night?

You can apply masks both in the morning and at night. It is definitely recommended to apply the mask every night for half an hour before going to bed for lasting results on your face. There are special masks for the morning and special masks for the evening. In our table in this text, you can find which masks are best for the day and which for the night.

A moisturizing eye mask wakes up a tired face, for example after a sleepless night, fills in fine lines and soothes sensitive skin.

Under-eye patches morning or night?

The collagen eye mask tightens the sagging face, cares for it and notes the appearance of new wrinkles, and it’s perfect for nighttime use.

You will not harm the area around the eyes even if you use both morning and evening masks, but if it takes too much of your free time, which you don’t have enough of anyway, or is too expensive, then it is better to choose night masks. For lasting results, be persistent and don’t give up.

Can wearing an eyepatch damage your eye?

Eye patches are completely safe and cannot seriously damage your eye or visual function. The biggest damage it can cause are bruises that you yourself can cause by improperly applying the patches to your face.

At the beginning of our text, you could find tips for the safest use of eye patches(staviti dugme koje vodi na listu). To make a point, face masks cannot cause you any health problems for your health and the health of your eyes.

Can wearing an eyepatch damage your eye?

But, if you already have bruises under your eyes, you can use hot and cold compresses. Ice reduces swelling and constricts blood vessels and is good for use in the first day of bruising.

Be careful not to apply it directly to the skin, as this will further damage it and create a counter-effect. Do not put raw meat or similar things that you may have seen in the movies. Since it is an eye that is very sensitive, use clean gauze or cloths. Anti-inflammation and pain pills can also help, but take them only in agreement with your doctor. It is also very important to rest the body and strengthen immunity.

Can you reuse eye patches?

Can you reuse eye patches?

The reuse of masks is definitely not recommended for several reasons. The most important reasons are health reasons, because already used masks have certainly acquired microbacteria and there is dust on them, which all together can cause various rashes and only have the opposite effect.

Reusing masks is also not recommended because they lose their usefulness after the first use, and on the other hand, their reuse is completely pointless. Our advice would be to buy masks where you will get more pieces, you can find masks that come with 40 or more pairs of masks.

In our table on this article, you can find just such masks, masks that come in several pieces and are perfect for both day and night use. (klik na tabelu) We would like to mention that you should throw away used masks immediately and keep them away from children for hygienic reasons.


Eye patches offer quick help that will give your face refreshment and care. Due to their anti-aging supplements, they will slow down the aging process, tighten your skin and make you look at least a few years younger. If you have good genetics, they can even rejuvenate you by a decade. Well choosen eye patches will fit perfectly into your daily facial care, but they can also be of help before important moments when you want to look perfect. Just apply the patches half an hour before applying make-up and you will immediately see noticeable results.

An additional tip at the end would be to keep your masks in the fridge so use them cold to reduce swelling and capillary visibility, and the hydrating composition nourishes the skin. Because hydration is the best way to prevent wrinkles and lines!

This post is written and managed by Hannah West

Hannah West

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